Aitutaki Christmas 2013

The Christmas 2013 issue for Aitutaki Cook Islands was designed by Alison Dittko.  It is issued as a set of 2 and as a souvenir sheet.

(See below for further specifications)


For the set of 2, the famous artists, whose paintings are part of this set, are William Brassey Hole for the $1.00 value and Bernardino Luini for the  $1.30 value. 

The famous artists whose paintings grace the souvenir sheet of 3 stamps are Gentile da Fabriano ($2 value), Marten de Vos ($2.40 value), and Pietro Perugino ($2.60 value).

Stamp size is 38 x 30.56mm (gauge 13.75), printed in sheets of 15 stamps (no gutter).