Christmas 2013

This Christmas 2013 issue, composed of paintings of the Manger Nativity Scene by famous artists, was designed by Alison Dittko.  It is issued as a set of 2 and as a souvenir sheet.

(See below for specifications)

The set of 2 is in denominations of $1 and $1.30, the letter rates of Penrhyn.   This set consists of artworks by Peter Paul Rubens ($1 value) and Albrecht Durer ($1.30 value).

The souvenir sheet features works by the following artists:  Sandro Botticelli ($2 value), William Brassey Hole ($2.40 value), and Gerard van Honthorst ($2.60 value).

Stamp size is 25.73 x 21mm (gauge 13.25), printed in sheets of 25 stamps (no gutter).

The souvenir sheet is 60mm x 50mm H