Cook Islands - Highland Paradise

The images are photos and graphics from Highland Paradise, an educational tourist attraction on the island.  As one of the highest points on the island, the Highland Paradise is an interesting and colorful venue that tells tales of how explorers came to the island, how they were greeted, what they brought with them, and what happened when Christianity was introduced to the island people; in essence, how the islands have gotten to where they are today. 

This issue was designed by Alison Dittko.  (See below for further specifications)

The denominations used are all the new low values that the Post Office had decided that they needed when the new denominations went into effect.  The 9 values are .10¢, .20¢, .30¢, .50¢, .60¢, $1.00, $1.30, $1.50, and $1.70. 

Stamp size 25.73 x 21mm, to be printed in sheets of 25 stamps, gauge 13.25.