Fish Definitive Part 1

 On November 27,2012 the Penrhyn Post Office will place on sale its new definitive series of twelve denominations featuring the colorful fish in local waters.

The series is available in three formats( each varies slighlty in the border): set of 12,3 miniature shests of four stamps each, and as a sheetlet of all 12 values. The set of 12 has been printed in 3 heets of 32 using a unique layout that contains one gutter separating two blocks of 16. (Sheet 1 has 80c,90c,$1.10, $1.20 *Sheet 2 has $2,$2.25,$4,$5 *Sheet 3 has $6,$8,$10,$20)

All formats were printed using a four color process on 110gsm gummed stamp paper. This beautiful series of stamps all share the same size which 28.45 x 42.58 and have a perforation gauge of 14.

The individual fish depicted in this definitive series can be identified: 80c-Myripristus hexagona; 90c- Scarus psittacus; $1.10- Zanclus cornutus; $1.20- Acanthurus guttatus; $2- Pygoplites diacanthus; $2.25- Chaetodon flavirostris; $4- Pseudanthias pleurotaenia; $5- Chaetodon ornatissimus; $6- Chaetodon melanotus; $8- Gymnothorax rueppellii; $10- Synchiropus ocellatus; $20- Kyphosus sandwichensis.