Marshall Islands - HC - Strip of 5  - Scott #90a
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Marshall Islands 1985 - Halley's Comet - MINT

Strip of 5 in continuous design

(#86: 22c value): US Space Shuttle, Astro Telescope, Halley's Comet
 Comet tail and research spacecraft:
(#87: 22c value): Planet A Space Probe, Japan
(#88: 22c value): Giotto spacecraft, European Space Agency
(#89: 22c value): INTERCOSMOS Project Vega spacecraft, Russia,
                           France, etc.
(#90: 22c value): US naval tracking ship. NASA observational aircraft,
                           cameo portrait of Edmond Halley (1656-1742),

Marshall Islands-Scott #90a

  • Item #: Marshall Islands-Scott #90a

Marshall Islands - HC - Strip of 5 - Scott #90a

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