Niuafo'ou Butterfly Definitive Part 2

Niuafo'ou Butterfly/Flower Definitive Series Part 2 was issued for the other denominations that were not in Part 1.  Designed by Alison Dittko.

Each stamp size of the 12 values is printed in sheets of 20 (2 x 10), stamp size 28.45 x 42.58mm, gauge 14.

Also sheetlet of 12 stamp size 28.45 x 42.58mm, gauge 14.

(Legend for the following list: Butterflies in Black Type/Flowers in Red Type)

.20¢       Hypolimnas bolina
.30¢       Danaus plexippus
             Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
.40¢      Junonia villida
.50¢       Euploea core
             Garcinia Sessilis
.60¢      Hypolimnas bolina
             Baptisia australis
.80¢       Danaus plexippus
             Echinacea purpurea
.90¢       Junonia villida
$1.10     Euploea core
$1.20     Hypolimnas bolina
             Gerdenia Taitensis
$10        Hypolimnas bolina
$12.50   Danaus Plexippus
             Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
$20       Junonia villida
             Vanilla planifolia