Samoa - Chinese Lunar New Year (Horse)

The Year of the Horse 2014 signifies the beginning of a new lunar year.  The horse is one of the twelve symbols in the Chinese zodiac that represents a lunar year out of a 12 year cycle.  This issue is composed of photos of the different parts of the heads of various horses from a multitude of angles . Both Year of the Horse symbols are in the margin of the sheet, one which relates to the younger generation and one of which is from the past or older generation. 

Issue designed by Alison Dittko. (See below for futher specifications)

The denominations used are .50¢, .90¢, $1.10, $2.00, $2.50, and $3.00.

Souvenir sheet of 6 stamps, size 25.73 x 39.56mm, gauge 13.