Whales & Dolphins Definitive Part 1

Aitutaki is proud to present this definitive series depicting whales and dolphins that compose part of the marine life of Aitutaki.

All Images were provided by various photographers working with Pacific Island fauna. Stamps designed by Alison Dittko.

Set of 12, Gutter Pairs and Sheetlet are comprised of the following 12 values:

20¢, 30¢, 50¢, 80¢, 90¢,

nz$1, nz$1.10, nz$1.20, nz$5.00, nz$6.00, nz$7.50, nz$10.00


Stamp size 28.45 x 42.58mm – 14

Printed in Sheets of 20 stamps with horizontal Gutter.